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Abelisks that use spears are called Abelisk L and like the Abelisk S, they are expanding their area of activity into the desert. Abelisk L uses long spears for attacks more powerful than that of the Abelisk S.

Found In : Forbidden Land
Level : 61
HP value : 1,250
EXP value : 13,000
The BeeEvil was formed like the Dire Bees but the BeeEvil is the mutated form of the Queen Bee and therefore has much larger claws and more powerful attacks. They are said to be able to control the Dire Bees.

Found In : Cave of Behive
Level : 62
Damage : 63-78
Defense : 480
Absorb : 8
HP value : 1,300
EXP value : 15,000
Thorn Crawler
The Thorn Crawler is one of the monsters summoned by the Guardians and look as violent as they really are. Their claws are powerful enough to snap anything in two and the thorns on their hard shells can be used both as defense and for attacks.

Found In : Cave of Mushroom, Dark Sanctuary
Level : 62
Damage : 66-76
Defense : 540
Absorb : 10
HP value : 1,260
EXP value : 16,500
Mummies were formed when dead bodies were imbued with life by becoming exposed to evil forces. They are one of the undead monsters and cannot leave the depths of the ancient dungeons that give them their life.

Found In : Dungeon 2, 3
Level : 64
Damage : 64-82
Defense : 600
Absorb : 14
HP value : 1,400
EXP value : 15,400
Slaughters were the leaders of the Head Cutters during the War of the Gods. They have a much more powerful attack than the Head Cutters and use Axes. The Jumping Crash attack that they use is said to cause earth tremors and great winds. Many warriors have challenged the Slaughter but only the strongest have been able to overcome this fearsome monster.

Found In : Dungeon 2, 3, Forbidden Land, Sanctuary 1
Level : 66
Damage : 68-86
Defense : 520
Absorb : 15
HP value : 1,000
EXP value : 17,500
Illusion Knight
The Illusion Knight is an illusory monster that is created by the fear and terror inside humans. Unless the terror can be discarded, these illusions become a reality. According to warriors that have met these monsters, they do not have any flesh and wield huge weapons with which they decimate all those around them. There are rumors of a whole band of fighers that were wiped out by the Illusion Knights, further increasing the fear of them.

Found In : Dungeon 3
Level : 67
Damage : 72-80
Defense : 520
Absorb : 16
HP value : 1,060
EXP value : 15,500
The Nightmare is a monster formed by the souls of those that dies in battle brought together by the evil forces of the Dark Temple. Like their namesake, they get their power from the fear felt by men. They use big axes and iron hammers to attack and they float on air without legs.

Found In : Dark Sanctuary
Level : 67
Damage : 74-82
Defense : 550
Absorb : 16
HP value : 1,200
EXP value : 16,000
Doom Guard
The knights came to destroy the Sanctuary of Darkness,
They happen to be exposed by power of darkness and lose their will.
And after hundreds of years have passed by, they became Guardians atSanctuary of Darkness, called DoomGuard. The DoomGuards flourish their huge Dark Axe and slaughter all the invaders

Found In : Dark Sanctuary
Level : 69
Damage : 74-86
Defense : 550
Absorb : 17
HP value : 1,530
EXP value : 17,500
A magic monster of the fire class, the Figon shoots fire from both arms and shoots fireballs at all invaders of its territory. It uses the pinch attack for short-range attacks and are therefore powerful in both long and short range.

Found In : Forbidden Land, Dungeon 3
Level : 69
Damage : 62-77
Defense : 350
Absorb : 9
HP value : 900
EXP value : 16,200
Warriors that fought in the War of the Gods that have lose their will and have come under the control of another power. The Naz is the elite quadron of the most hardiest of these warriors. They have a wide variety of attacks and their speed and fearlessness makes them the subject of much fear.

Found In : Sanctuary 1
Level : 69
Damage : 65-75
Defense : 530
Absorb : 10
HP value : 1,200
EXP value : 17,000
Abelisks are those whose upper bodies are monsters and lower bodies are horses. Of the many types of Abelisks, the ones that use large hammers are the Abelisk Lords. With their equine lower bodies, they were said to have served as the cavalry during the War of the Gods. They now hide in the temples waiting for their masters to wage war again, and they attack any wayward warriors.

Found In : Sanctuary 1
Level : 70
Damage : 75-94
Defense : 600
Absorb : 17
HP value : 1,700
EXP value : 22,000


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