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Dire Bee
Bees that have been mutated through a curse into larger and carnivorous monsters. As their threats became known they were the subject of eradication but there are still a few that are said to inhabit caves.

Found In : Cave of Beehive
Level : 52
Damage : 38-48
Defense : 290
Absorb : 10
HP value : 620
EXP value : 6,900
Muffins are mushrooms that lived in the mushroom forest that have been mutated through the effects of the Dark Temple. Their original nature still persists within them and so they tend to be more neutral than aggressive. However, they reactively attack any threats near them and they are more powerful than they might seem.

Found In : Cave of Mushroom
Level : 52
Damage : 42-50
Defense : 280
Absorb : 9
HP value : 660
EXP value : 7,100
Like the Bargons, Titans were originally stone or rock but have been imbued with life through a curse. The level of the curse was stronger than these other creatures and so their power and abilities are also stronger. They are mainly to be found in the desert and the Tempscron's that live in the desert fear the threat of the Titan.

Found In : Oasis, Battle of The Ancient
Level : 53
Damage : 48-56
Defense : 340
Absorb : 10
HP value : 750
EXP value : 8,100
Skeleton Knight
Humans that had been controlled by the evil forces that retained the evil even after death and are still controlled by their will. The Skeleton Knights are the most powerful skeletons of them all and use their armor and spear to devastating effect.

Found In : Dungeon 2, 3
Level : 54
Damage : 46-54
Defense : 340
Absorb : 14
HP value : 840
EXP value : 8,500
Muddy Golem
Golems that have been formed through cursed mud. They can usually be found in swamps and have great recovery against hits and cuts but are weak against magic.

Found In : Cave of Beehive
Level : 54
Damage : 50-56
Defense : 330
Absorb : 14
HP value : 900
EXP value : 9,000
Dark Knight

Dark Knights are corpses that have lain rotting in caves that have been given life by the dark forces flowing from the Dark Temple. Like Skeletons, they do not have a will of their own and are imbued with the will of the dark forces that gave them life.

Found In : Cave of Beehive, Dark Sanctuary

Level : 55
Damage : 66-84
Defense : 560
Absorb : 15
HP value : 1,100
EXP value : 16,000
Sandlems are like Stone Giants in that they were formed by cursed sand. Sandlems are the same class of monsters as Stone Giants but due to their sand composition, they can absorb strong attacks. They have powerful attacks despite their size but they are not found in places where there is no sand and they also tend to be slow.

Found In : Forbidden Land
Level : 55
Damage : 48-62
Defense : 380
Absorb : 14
HP value : 720
EXP value : 9,800
Of the many types of Abelisks, the Abelisk S uses swords. They are like other Abelisks in that they were warriors of the Netherworld with great speed and attack powers. They lived in secret until the discovery of the temple, after which some of them are expanding their area of activity into the desert.

Found In : Desert 3
Level : 56
Damage : 54-66
Defense : 440
Absorb : 8
HP value : 1,000
EXP value : 10,600
These monsters live in caves or swamps in groups. They do not act on anyone's will but consider anything than passes into their territory to be intruders and attack in groups. They have humanoid upper bodies and snake-like lower bodies and have shields and weapons.

Found In : Cave of Beehive, Dark Sanctuary
Level : 57
Damage : 57-66
Defense : 440
Absorb : 12
HP value : 1,040
EXP value : 12,000
Head Cutters are evil warriors that fought in the War of the Gods. They use large swords to swipe or inflict physical attacks through jumping crashes. They are called Head Cutters because of their tendency to go for the neck.

Found In : Desert 3, Dungeon 1, 2
Level : 59
Damage : 56-68
Defense : 450
Absorb : 12
HP value : 870
EXP value : 12,000
Solid Snail
Solid Snails are snails that inhabited the beehive caves that have turned into monsters as a result of the effects of the Dark Temple. They have very violent characteristics and attack anything around them. However, they have very slow movement speed and are therefore considered good for practice by warriors in training.

Found In : Cave of Beehive
Level : 60
Damage : 60-73
Defense : 480
Absorb : 16
HP value : 1,160
EXP value : 13,500
Evil Plant
Evil Plants have been turned into evil monsters through the effects of the Dark Temple being absorbed into the roots of trees that lived aboveground over underground caves. Evil Plants appear in dark places and their insides are rotten and dry but their evil is so much more powerful than the Plants and they are much more powerful monsters.

Found In : Cave of Mushroom, Cave of Beehive
Level : 60
Damage : 58-74
Defense : 450
Absorb : 13
HP value : 1,050
EXP value : 11,500


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