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Mixture item is a skill of combining certain items to improve the performance of equipments. It is a specialized skill that has been inherited to the artisans of Temskron. The best part about it is that players can immediately use the item once the mixture is done.
The mixture items are known to have a less increase in performance than aging items, but some say that there is still an unrevealed combination and its potential is unlimited.

How to mix items:

Spec. items are evenly distributed to all equipments, and here is how it works...

1) Talk to mixture NPC to open the inventory screen and place the
items you want to mix on the left column.


2) On the right column, place the sheltoms you wish to mix with items.
(see how to mix items).


3) Once the item and the sheltom is placed, press the + in the middle
to finish the mixture process. Depending upon its combination, it can
either succeed or fail and all sheltoms will disappear after the process.


4) When mixture is successful, the special ability will be added to the
equipments and players will be able to see the differences on the screen.
Also, the special abilities will show in different colors. Once the item is
mixed successfully, it can no longer be mixed again.


5) When mixture is not successful, players will see a failure message
on the screen and nothing will happen to the items. However, players
will lose all the sheltoms, but the item can be used on another mixture.



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