Skill / Spell system.

Characters can learn various skills and spells depending on his current class. Each of the 16 attainable classes has their own unique skills and spells, and some prerequisites such as character level or the completion of a specific quest must be met before they can learn the most powerful ones.

Skills and spells can be learn from Trainers who can be found in most villages and towns. In addition to teachingnew skills and spells, they can also help characters improve on existing ones.

Even characters of the same class can learn different skills, shaping each character in the uniqueness of the players controlling them.



The class change system.

The Class Change system is one of Priston Tale's most prominent and interesting features. A starting player will select from 4 classes per race, which will be able to upgrade into 3 higher classes each.
Each class change will enable the player to learn new skills and spells, and character growth will also change with respect to class. The game will also have features only available to upper-tier classes, providing much incentive for class changing.









Combat system.

The battle system of ‘Priston Tale’ takes action style based on “real-time battle system”.
A character is designed to conjugate its motions upon items, such as weapon & shield, and its appearances flexible upon skill & magic.

The hitting sound and flashlight effect applied for dynamic activities. That is, users feel “making real damage” by luminous & sound effect on the hitting spot at each attack like the fighting game “Chulkwon”.

All these effects proceed faster than any other games, and so users bodily feel this game is more exciting and speedy than any others.






Item system .

Priston Tale features a unique and exciting item system in which weapons and armor can be specialized, mixed or aged into more powerful versions. Using mixture and aging techniques, each character will be able to develop their own unique set of equipment, making players become attached not only to their characters but their items as well.
This system effectively destroys the typical concept of equipment that most MMORPGs have.





Clan / Party system .

A Party is a team of characters who group together in order to achieve superiority in battle against monsters. It can consist of 2 to 6 members, and the experience points a party acquires will be divided among its participants. On the other hand, a Clan is a bigger and more enduring team of characters which effectively creates a small community of users, giving them a sense of belonging and co-protection.






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