Priston Tale adds spectacular visual and sound effects to real-time combat in order to create a true feast for the eyes and ears of each player. Together with the intuitive interface, the game will provide and experience like no other MMORPG.

The game utilizes the advantages of a full 3D environment to its fullest - when different weapons or armor are equipped, not only the character graphics change, but there are minute changes in even their movements. Skill and Spell effects will also vary, creating a dynamic illusion of realism.

To break away from the mindless monster hunting monotony, a Party system enables characters to team up with others to engage in more strategic battles. In addition to this, a unique Item system and characteristic strengths/weaknesses in both players and monsters lead to much more exciting combat encounters. Not only does this signify a departure from the track-of-the-mill MMORPG combat systems, it forces players to flexibly adapt to continuously changing battle patterns.

The fast-paced combat of Priston Tale will keep players continously on the edge of their seats.


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