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Trade - Party - Friend

Click the user with whom to initiate the trade.
Click the “Trade” button below the target’s face.
If the other player accepts, the Trade Window appears.
Drag and drop desired items and money on the window.
When both party clicks OK, the trade is complete.


Trade - Party - Friend

presses a colleague application button.
If a partner agrees on party participation, a party is finished.
You can see name of partners, a level, HP in a party window.
Other detailed matter refers to a party window explanation. (an explanation)


Trade - Party - Friend

Friend List :

A friend function is the convenient function that can register a close character on a game

[ Add friend ]
If you press a friend registration button, a relevant character is registered
at a friend list.
[ sending message ]
If you select character name and send message, message becomes delivery
to a partner.
[ character elimination ]
If you press an elimination button, a relevant character becomes elimination
in a list.


Recent list :

Name of a character to have met you appears.

[ Add Friend ]
If you press a add friend button, a relevant character is registered at a friend list
[ Add Ignored ]
If you press a add ignored button, whisper of a relevant character is turned off.


Ignored list :

It is an list of the character name that you blocked off.
[ Delete ]
If you press an delete button, refusal is released and can do whisper again.



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