Spec. Item:

Specialized items are items that give certain character an extra ability. None-specialized/specialized items differ in their capabilities. Here are some charts that can give you a better understanding about how specialized system works.


Spec.item performanct chat

Spec. items are evenly distributed to all equipments, and here is how it works..

Spec. ability Performance
Attack +(LV/x) One’s lvl / x added to max. damage
Attack rating +(LV/x) One’s lvl / x added to attack rating
Attack speed +x Attack speed +x added
Critical +x% Critical +x% added
Attack range +x Range +x added
Defense +x Defense +x added
Absorption +x.x Absorption +x.x added
Block rate +x% Shield’s block rate +x% added
Speed +x.x Movement speed +x.x added
HP regen +x.x Life regen. rate +x.x added
MP regen +x.x Magic regen. Rate +x.x added
HP added. +x HP +x added
STM. added +x STM. +x added
MP. added +x MP +x added
Magic Apt. +x Increase all magic skill training by x% (until 100% max)


Priority and random specialized rule

Requirement points will be based upon created DB and depend on character’s job. The requirement points will automatically change for each character to prevent players from using a certain character frequently.

Job Level Strength Spirit Ability Agility Health
Mechanician fixed +(5%~15%) -(10%~20%) fixed -(15%~25%) fixed
Fighter fixed +(10%~15%) -(15%~20%) fixed -(15%~20%) fixed
Pikeman fixed +(10%~15%) -(15%~20%) fixed -(15%~25%) fixed
Archer fixed -(15%~25%) -(10%~20%) fixed +(15%~25%) fixed
Knight fixed +(5%~15%) -(10%~15%) +(5%~10%) -(15%~25%) fixed
Atlanta fixed -(15%~20%) -(10%~20%) fixed +(15%~25%) fixed
Priestess fixed -(20%~25%) +(15%~20%) -(10%~15%) -(15%~20%) fixed
Magician fixed -(20%~25%) +(15%~25%) -(10%~15%) -(15%~20%) fixed

Requirements will be decided on its increase/decrease on max./min. range.




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